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Picture Pantry

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About the Picture Pantry

Welcome to the first fine food and fine art destination in Dunedin.

Picture Pantry is a creation by art consultant and artist,
Anton Lambaart, with head chef Adrian Lim. Our aim is to carefully balance the experience of enjoying fine quality dining with a selection of established artists who will each show their work for 2 months at a time. We believe in creating an environment where our guests can imbibe in beautifully created food, expertly crafted coffee and carefully curated art.

Our offering

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A better food experience

Quality, nourishing ingredients
are at the core of every dish we make.
You will find our meals carefully crafted and expertly plated in ways that are sure to surprise and delight.
Adrian, our head chef, is also keen to flex his creative muscle even further by presenting a new menu to
match each exhibition.

Quality coffee and tea

Every detail matters at Picture Pantry.

Hana, our barista, brings more than 15 years experience and style to your table. Whether you're a coffee doyenne or a tea aficionado you will not be disappointed.

We choose L’affare, a supporter of Fair Trade and partners with Trade Aid the World Fair Trade Organisation. It's nice to know that not only is our coffee outstanding in taste and flavour, every cup you drink supports producers and their local communities in coffee-growing countries worldwide.

Our teas are supplied by Tea Total, using only ethically sourced premium tea blended and crafted for us to enjoy.

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Feast your eyes while
you eat

Art is important to us

Our intimate space affords us the ability to present leading New Zealand's artists for up to 2 months at a time; providing you with opportunity to ponder your next art purchase while you dine.


Anton Lambaart, our resident artist and art consultant is happy to discuss exhibited works and explain why each artist has been selected to show at Picture Pantry. 

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Opening Hours

Come visit!

MON - 7.30AM - 2.30PM

TUE - 7.30AM - 2.30PM

WED - 7.30AM - 2.30PM

THUR - 7.30AM - 3PM

FRI - 7.30AM - 3PM

SAT - 8AM - 3.30PM